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Baby Gear Essentials

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Bottles and Nipples
Even if you plan to breastfeed exclusively, having a few of these on hand are a great idea. If you will be formula-feeding exclusively, you'll go through ten, 4-ounce bottles each day when he or she is a newborn, and increase to 8-ounce bottles later.

High Chair
Although you won't need a high chair for several months, you will definitely need one. Choose one that is sturdy and stable, with safety straps to keep your baby from wriggling free.

Don't underestimate how quickly your baby will grow out of his or her clothes. Newborn sizes will become too small before you know it, so buy at least three months ahead. It's also a good idea to have several sets of the following items, depending on how often you will use them and how often you plan to do laundry; a good rule of thumb is one week's worth (4-7). And, of course, the following doesn't include the scores of adorable outfits you can spend many a paycheck on.

These one-piece bodysuits are a snap to get on and off. Choose ones made of soft fabric with wide head openings and loose-fitting ankle and leg cuffs, and finished seams. Avoid zippers, which can pinch tender skin.

Socks or booties
Your baby won't need shoes for many months, so stick with cozy socks and booties.

Cotton shirts
These light-weight shirts are great for layering and keeping your little one warm, as well as protecting him or her from rough seams or fabrics on outer garments. Choose styles that snap at the neck and under the crotch.

Cap or bonnet (1-2)
Wide-brimmed hats will protect your baby's delicate skin from the summer sun; and soft, warm hats will keep her warm in cold weather.

One-piece pajamas/nightgowns
One-piece pajamas with a drawstring close at the bottom are easy to get on and off and lift up for quick diaper changes in the middle of the night.


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