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Week 20 - Your New Baby

Your baby, the little grabber, is working feverishly at improving her grasp by latching onto anything and everything that she can get those little hands around. She will want to touch, hold, turn, shake, and mouth everything within reach. If one object isn't interesting enough, it's likely to be pitched in favor of another.

Your baby may be beginning to display some distinct personality traits - is she quiet or a nonstop babbler? Is she outgoing or shy? Your little one may also start to protest when it's time to put her favorite toys away as she is able to retain the memory of an object even after it's gone.

To encourage your baby to make choices and practice crawling, try placing a toy just out of reach so she has to move to grab it. She may also start pushing objects out of reach, either because she doesn't like the item, as a game to reach for it again, or so that she can get YOU to pick it up for her!

Although some friends and family may advocate feeding your baby solids early to encourage her to sleep longer at night, you should feel confident if you decide to wait a little longer and continue nursing exclusively. Studies show that introducing solids before six months of age may cause your baby discomfort because her still-immature digestive system isn't quite ready for solid food. The end result is often less sleep, not more. Your little one will not be harmed by your decision to wait, and you'll both enjoy the final weeks of exclusive nursing.

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