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Week 21 - Your New Baby

Your little one is on the go! He likes to creep around the floor and can turn his body to see something behind him. When your baby is on his back, he can push his chest and part of his stomach off the floor to get a better look around.

Your baby is probably strong enough to sit in an upright position and can now face forward as you carry him around in a baby sling. Also try moving him to your hip; you'll have greater freedom of movement and your back, shoulders and arms will thank you as your hip supports most of the weight.

You may notice your baby making obvious, conscious decisions during play - he may reach beyond one toy just to get at a more attractive one. His greater strength and coordination will also allow him to squeeze toys to make them squeak. Your baby may also be able to hold a bottle all by himself now.

Your baby will closely observe the movements your mouth makes when you speak and may attempt to imitate the sounds and the inflection in your voice. He will babble specific sounds in an attempt to get attention and will "talk" back when spoken to. He will also mimic your facial expressions, which can be a source of endless entertainment for you!

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