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Week 22 - Your New Baby

At five months old, babies usually range from 23.5 inches long and 12.25 pounds (10th percentile) to 26.5 inches long and 17 pounds (90th percentile).

Many babies at this age begin to show an interest in solid foods. Your baby may watch you intently while you eat and try to reach for some of what you have. This is one indication that she may be ready to try some solid foods. Other signs include sitting well while supported, holding her head steady, and losing the "extrusion reflex," which causes her to instinctively push food out of her mouth.

Your baby is probably conducting some new experiments such as dropping toys on the ground to find out what sounds they make when they land. To help sharpen her auditory skills and encourage interest in the world, try pointing out a plane flying overhead, or an ambulance speeding down the street.

If you place a small object on the floor, your baby might be able to rake it towards her with her hands. Just make sure you stick close to make sure that the item doesn't end up in your baby's mouth or that the object doesn't pose a choking hazard.

Is your baby still not sleeping through the night? Believe it or not this is normal. Even as adults we awaken several times a night, but we learned at some point to put ourselves back to sleep. Until your baby learns how to put herself back to sleep, you will, unfortunately, be awakened to lend a hand.

Babies around this age also love faces - even their own. Try placing an unbreakable baby mirror in the crib; or if you don't have a baby mirror, trying putting your baby on the floor in front of a mirror. For a few minutes at a time your baby may be her own entertainment. She has no idea that this charming baby is actually her own reflection - that revelation will come much later. For now it's just a new adorable baby face that's fun to look at.

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