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Halloween Safety

Young children have a wonderful way of breathing new life into traditions and holidays – and Halloween is a prime example. Their wonderment and enthusiasm are all the motivation many of us need to break out the decorations, carve a couple pumpkins, whip up a quick costume, and head out for some trick-or-treating. But all the excitement of the holiday can cause safety to be overlooked to potentially disastrous ends. To ensure that everyone has a fun and safe Halloween, follow these simple safety tips.

Trick-or-Treating Tips

  • Buy flame-resistant costumes, masks, wigs, etc. Look for the Flame Resistant label.

  • Avoid costumes with long trains, baggy sleeves or loose pieces that can drag in a candle or jack-o-lantern and catch fire.

  • Hem your child’s costume up to avoid getting tangled in legs and cause your child to trip and fall.

  • Choose a costume that is light colored and/or apply reflector tape to your child’s costume if you’ll be out at twilight or after dark. Carrying a flashlight or glow-sticks is a good idea too.

  • Substitute any props such as swords or pointed daggers with ones made of softer material or without dangerous sharp edges or points. Avoid using fake guns as they can be mistaken for the real thing.

  • Paint your child’s face with nontoxic face paint instead of wearing a mask, which can make it hard for him or her to breathe and see.

  • Never let your child trick-or-treat alone. Older children should only trick-or-treat in groups, and younger ones should be accompanied by an adult.

  • Trick-or-treat only in familiar areas or neighborhoods.

  • Make sure your child’s costume also allows for easy bathroom access…the last thing you or your child wants is an accident to cut a fun night short. You may also want to schedule a bathroom break into your trick-or-treating plans.

  • Write emergency identification information (name, address, phone number) inside your child’s costume or on a light-colored wrist band.

  • Make sure your child’s costume is climate-appropriate. If it’s already chilly at night in your area and your child’s costume is lightweight, make sure he or she can fit warm clothing underneath the costume. Or, if it’s still balmy and warm, make sure your child won’t be too warm in his or her costume.

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