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Sample Thank You Letters

One of the nicest, yet most difficult, letters to write is a thank you letter. Although many of us say "thanks" when we receive a gift or service, putting it in writing shows deeper gratitude for the person who sent you a gift, did you a favor, or gave special support when you needed it.

Keep in mind, a thank you letter doesn't need to be lengthy or overly gracious. Be sincere in your approach, and write the letter as if you were the one receiving it. Here are a few tips on writing thank you letters, as well as a few samples, are below:

  • Send your thank you notes within one to two weeks of receiving a gift. For services, dinners, or hospitality, send your letterd within a day or two. If you are unable because of special circumstances, you may want to ask a friend, your spouse/partner, or other family member to write a few for you.

  • Be specific when thanking someone. Highlight what pleased you most about the gift, favor, kindness, service, etc. Even if the gift isn't something you needed or wanted, you can focus the attention of the letter on the person who gave you the gift.

  • Avoid the following when writing the letter: general remarks of thanks ("thanks for the gift/service"); mentioning dollar amounts for monetary gifts or certificates; mentioning receiving more than one of the same gift; asking for the receipt so you can exchange it or get a refund for it; saying "thank you" over and over; using thank you letters as a means to discuss news, information, questions or comments; and, forgetting someone's name when the gift or service came from a group of people.

Below are some sample thank you letters you may wish to use:


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful (type of gift) you gave at the shower. How thoughtful! Being a first-time mom, it's good to know I have you as a "veteran" mom who knows what my baby needs, and who can offer some great advice after (he/she) comes. I appreciate you putting your time and thought into making this day in my life a special one.



I can't begin to thank you enough for taking care of me and my family after our little (name of baby) arrived. It's amazing how you knew exactly what we needed! The house looks sparkling clean, and the hot meals were a treat! Our family is blessed to have someone like you who cares so much. We look forward to a more social visit with you and your family soon.

Warmest Regards,


Thank you so much for the (check/money order/gift certificate) for (baby's name, if applicable). It seems like there's so much to buy when you have a baby, and this will definitely help! I'm sure to find what (baby's name, if applicable) needs, thanks to your kind generosity.




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