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Rocking Chairs

The one thing that expectant parents hear a lot about while they're pregnant are those long and tiring late night feedings. With the right nursery equipment, some extra patience, and a positive outlook those late night feedings can be a time of bonding and enjoyment that a parent would not miss for the world.

Science has proven that a rocking motion has a therapeutic effect on humans. When rocking in a rocking chair or glider rocker the blood pressure falls, respiration slows, and if the chair has an ottoman and a good thick cushion - sleep will ensue! The physical act of rocking taps into a pleasure center located in the brain somewhere between the one for chocolate and the one for music. A Texas study concluded that new mothers recovering from C-sections reduced their hospital stay by a full day by rocking an hour a day. No wonder our little ones learn to love it and really fight it when mom and dad decide that bedtime and naptime rocking must stop.

Rocking chairs have undergone some remarkable improvements over the years. Rocker/recliners offer a wide seating area, have generous padding and are very comfortable. Growing in popularity is the glider rocker, which often come with a glider ottoman. These rockers are wonderful for nursing mothers. They can help make those late night feedings more comfortable and easier on you and more soothing for your baby. The back and forth motion can calm a crying baby, help ease any lower back pain on your side, and reduce the stress associated with interrupted sleep patterns.

Before you invest in a good rocking chair or glider, go for a test drive. In the store, sit in the rocker for a while and gently rock like you would rock your baby. Is the seat roomy? Do the armrests come up high enough to make breastfeeding or bottle feeding easy and comfortable? Is the rocking chair solid and tight? The worst thing in the world is to have a loose rocking chair that squeaks as you rock or even worse when you get up to put the baby in the bed!

Rocking chairs are made by many manufacturers from all over the world so shop around and be choosey when it comes to quality and workmanship. Look for construction with sturdy and beautiful hardwood along with a style that will compliment the decor in your home, so once it has done its time in the nursery it can be moved to another room for many years of enjoyment.

Glider rockers have a glider mechanism rather than runners like a traditional rocking chair. They usually don't take up quite as much floor space as a conventional rocker. Glider rockers give a very smooth back and forth motion and in some instances depending on the person rocking, are easier to rock in a rhythmic motion because of the gliding action. Dutailier gliders from Quebec, Canada are considered to be the Cadillac of glider rockers. Gliders come with custom cushions and most styles have a matching ottoman available. . . ooh heaven!

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