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Developmental Milestones: 18 to 24 Months

During the toddler years, development milestones will vary widely from child to child. Unless your toddler lags in several areas or is more than a few months behind in any one area, there is little need for concern. Also remember that premature babies may reach milestones slightly later than a child who is born full-term, and that by age two, they will even out developmentally. Below is a list of general developmental guidelines for an average healthy child between the ages of 18 and 24 months old.

By month 18

Most toddlers are able to:
  • look at books on their own
  • scribble well
  • run well
  • say at least 20 words
  • feed self with spoon
  • become picky about certain foods
Some toddlers are able to:
  • string words together to make phrases
  • talk more clearly
  • brush teeth with help
  • stack four blocks at a time
A few toddlers are able to:
  • throw a ball overhand
  • take off clothes
  • climb out of crib and high chair
  • take apart toys and put them back together
  • show signs of potty training readiness

By month 19

Most toddlers are able to:
  • run well
  • string words together to make phrases
  • feed self with spoon or fork
  • brush teeth with help
  • throw a ball underhand
  • “help” with household chores
Some toddlers are able to:
  • say up to 50 words
  • form recognizable sentences (two or three words)
  • understand up to 200 words
  • know when something is incorrect (calling an apple a banana)
  • take clothes off
A few toddlers are able to:
  • show signs of bladder control
  • brush teeth and wash hands with help
  • draw circles and lines
  • name several parts of his or her body

By month 20

Most toddlers are able to:
  • pretend to feed dolls
  • take off clothes
  • run well
  • imitate new actions (throwing garbage away)

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