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National Child Safety Expert, Alison Rhodes, “The Safety Mom,” is one of the country's leading child safety authorities, providing tips and advice to parents on a broad range of issues facing all children - newborns to teens.

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Top New Safety Innovations for 2009 For Keeping Your Kids Safe
by Alison Rhodes

With 2009 upon us, itís time to make some New Yearís resolutions. As parents, perhaps the most important one that we can make is to commit to keeping our kids as safe and healthy as possible this year. And now, there are some innovative new products on the market that can help you do just that!

  • Safetymate -
    Would you know what to do if your child is choking, has a seizure or is accidentally poisoned? Most people when faced with an emergency are not sure of the best course of action. The SafetyMate is a new hand-held interactive device that talks parents through an emergency until 911 can arrive. Eight buttons lead to over 30 first aid issues.

  • SeatSnug -
    How many times has your child been bounced around in her booster seat when you hit a bump or need to stop short? Many childhood injuries in car accidents are due to seat belts being too loose to hold the child properly. SeatSnug is a new devise that attaches to the seat belt that ensures it remains tights and prevents your child from getting thrown around.

  • Lifelynx -
    Many of us are not prepared for the worst case scenario Ė if our child is lost or abducted. Now, with something as small as a key, all of the important information about your child can be handed to the authorities immediately. Lifelynx will build a missing persons web page right from a portable USB drive that you can keep attached to your key chain.

  • Evenfloís Symphony All-In-One Car Seat -
    Over 80% of car seats are installed improperly. Even with the new LATCH system, parents have difficulty securing the car seat as tight as it should be. And, because itís difficult, many times people forego using the LATCH system altogether. The new Symphony car seat from Evenflo is the first patented system with SureLATCH which makes it incredibly easy to install the car seat properly without struggle. It also is side-impact tested to insure safety in a side-impact collision.

  • Thermofocus 5-in-1 Non-Contact Thermometer -
    Trying to take an babyís temperature is incredibly stressful and sometimes downright impossible! This new thermometer takes a babyís temperature without even touching their skin. Just aim the light in the middle of the babyís forehead and press a button. Whatís more, this thermometer can read the temperature of food, bathwater and the room. A must have for a new mom!

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