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Emergency Safety Guide

Emergencies can be scary, but you can help minimize risk by being properly equipped and prepared for such situations. This emergency guide will help you get started on an emergency evacuation plan and help determine what first aid items should be at your fingertips while watching your grandchild.

First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit and its contents can be tailored to your specific needs. If your grandchild requires any prescription medicines, an inhaler or EpiPen, you may want to consider adding these items to your kit along with a list of emergency contacts. Be sure to store a first aid kit in your car and home, and check its contents occasionally and replace expired materials. You may also want to have a flashlight and batteries on hand in case of a natural disaster or power outage.

Visit the American Red Cross for more information about first aid kits:

Evacuation Plans

In case of a fire or natural disaster, you should have a plan of action. Outline an evacuation plan and practice it twice a year with your grandchild and family. Several components your plan should include:

  • If you and your grandchild are separated, plan out a safe location to meet.

  • Create different plans for different emergencies (i.e. fire, hurricane, earthquake).

  • Practice the evacuation route twice a year.

  • Plan ahead for any pets.

Additional Safety Precautions

Fire extinguishers will help keep your house from going ablaze and carbon monoxide detectors will help prevent poisoning from this potentially deadly gas. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in every room, and a fire extinguisher should be placed in the kitchen.

CPR Certification

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the emergency medical procedure for someone in cardiac or respiratory arrest. You can attend a class and become certified at your local American Red Cross chapter or online. In case your grandchild is choking on an object or food, you may also want to learn how to conduct the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the object from the throat.

Preparing for emergency situations will also put both the parents' and babysitter's minds at ease. Help your grandchild and family feel safe by considering these emergency safety guidelines.



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