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Families Living Together

Multiple generations may find themselves living under one roof for a variety of reasons. Maybe you or a loved one needs extra help because of an illness, or financial hardships bring your family under one roof. Adjusting to each other might be difficult at first, but living with your family can include many benefits as well. Try to stay positive and make sure everyone is comfortable with the decision.

Benefits of Living Together
You and your family can benefit from each other in a variety of ways:

  • Your grandchild is exposed to multiple role models.

  • You can help your child or grandchild get through a divorce or death by helping around the house or being available to talk.

  • Your grandchild can learn about his or her family history, traditions, and culture by developing a closer relationship with you.

  • You can help take care of your grandchild by babysitting, helping with homework, or preparing your grandchild's meals while the parents are at work.

  • Your family can also help take care of you if you suffer from an illness.

  • You can build stronger relationships with everyone in your family.

You and your family may want to discuss house rules for everyone to keep in mind. This will help everyone respect personal boundaries.

Setting Ground Rules
If you and your family decide to implement a few rules, you may want to consider the following topics:

  • Curfews: what time does everyone need to be in bed or mind their noise level?

  • Conflict Resolution: if someone has a problem, how will the family resolve the issue? Will you have house meetings? Who will mediate arguments?

  • Mutual Respect and Patience: respect and patience will prevent arguments from getting out of control.

  • Personal Space: creating a room for everyone will give them a peaceful retreat and privacy.

  • Chores: who will do what chore and how often?

Once everyone is well adjusted, you might find that everyone enjoys living under the same roof and having a new person to spend time with.



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