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What to Do with Grandkids During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time for grandparents and grandchildren to spend quality time together. Here are tips and activities that grandparents and grandchildren alike can enjoy.

Consider the age of your grandchildren as some activities may be too difficult if they are very young.

It is important to connect with your grandchild and find out what they like to do – do you have an active grandchild who loves to run outdoors or a budding chef who would love nothing better than cooking up something in the kitchen?

Suggested Activities:

  • Teach your grandchild a new song that you remember learning when you were their age.

  • Share a special book that you may have treasured since your childhood days.

  • Pass down family traditions. Grandkids will delight in learning about some of the traditions you had as a child that can be passed down to their generation.

  • Get creative in the kitchen. Many grandchildren love baking, especially during the holidays. If the actual baking process is too slow, have them help in decorating baked goods. This is a fun activity for all ages and the final creations can be given as gifts.

  • Teach your grandchild a new card game – or let them teach you a new one!

  • If you are an active grandparent, teach your grandchild to play tennis, cross country ski, or even ice skate!

  • Share photos of your family when you were younger. Point out Great Grandpa, a Great Great Aunt, or a once beloved pet.

  • Tell stories about the things that happened when you were their age. Grandkids will be fascinated that you lived without a computer, iPod or cell phone!

Most of all, if you are fortunate enough to spend time with your grandchildren during the holidays, cherish every moment you spend together!

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