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Outdoor Activities with Your Grandchildren

Generation Z babies may never know a world without flat screen televisions, instant text messaging, and the World Wide Web. Since your grandchild is surrounded by instantaneous technology and communication, outdoor activities can help you both find common ground despite technological advances. Reveling in the great outdoors can range from nature hikes to grandiose hopscotch courses, and if you're running out of ideas, consider our list of popular outdoor activities.

Top 10 Outdoor Activities

  1. Camping: take your grandchild camping where a variety of other outdoor activities will follow suit. Star gazing, fishing, and hiking can help give your grandchild a new found appreciation for nature.

  2. Picnics: enjoy an impromptu picnic in your backyard or at the local park. The simplicity and convenience of this outdoor activity enables grandparents to bond with their grandchild anywhere and anytime.

  3. Build a Fort: if you're a crafty or handy grandparent, building a tree house or fort can not only stimulate your grandchild's imagination, but building a fort gives your grandchild an incentive to be outside.

  4. Go to the Beach: build a sand castle, teach your grandchild how to surf, or go sailing! A trip to the beach spawns a different list of outdoor activities than camping.

  5. Go to a Theme Park: Disneyland and LEGOLAND are popular destinations for families with younger children. Not only does this give you an opportunity to be outside with your grandchild but a chance to embrace your youth!

  6. Go to the Park: draw an elaborate hopscotch course, play different sports, run around on the playground, or fly a kite at the local park.

  7. Museums: are educational time capsules. You can choose from a variety of museums that range from art to nature to history.

  8. Treasure Hunts: draw a map and hide a treasure for your grandchild to find. This activity will help develop their problem solving skills while using their imagination.

  9. Plant a Garden: after planting the garden, you can also water the flowers or vegetables you planted. By watering the plants, your grandchild will see his or her efforts come to life through this daily activity.

  10. Go to a Festival: music, food, and culture are always a lively combination. Festivals can also help expose your grandchild to hobbies that he or she wouldn't normally come into contact with.

Bonding with your grandchild can be fun, educational, and healthy. Outdoor activities not only promise memories for both you and your grandchild to cherish, but outdoor activities can help start new traditions between you and your grandchild.



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