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Technology for Grandparents

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Nursery Webcam

Many child care facilities for young children now have webcams set up so that family members can view their child from any computer. Find out from your grandchild's parent if their childcare center has one set up. Usually they require login credentials, so you'll have to get those from the parent. Checking in on your grandchild in the afternoon is a great way to keep up-to-date on milestones and growth.

Digital Photo Frames

Why settle for just a few pictures of your grandchild when you can set up a barrage of images to grace your desk every day? Digital photo frames allow you to upload all the photos you want to see and will display a slideshow or just one photo, depending on the settings.

Online Restaurant Reviews

When your grandchildren are visiting and you're planning a fun-filled day, remember to check the reviews of any restaurants you plan to visit. These days, most restaurants have hundreds or even thousands of reviews online. You'll be able to find out ahead of time how child-friendly it is, its menu and whether or not it's going to be too busy for a young, tired child.

Online Video Games

Video games have come a long way since you were raising children. The clunky images of Atari and Nintendo have been replaced by games that look increasingly close to real life. If you have a grandchild who's into video games, it can feel like you're always living in two different worlds. Find out which games are your grandchild's favorites and get to know them. For long-distance grandparents, learning to play an online game such as World of Warcraft can connect you with your grandchild in a big way. Soon you can be having real-time experiences with your grandchild online that you'll be able to talk about the next time you see him or her face-to-face.

Sharing Web Content

Ever see something on the internet that you wish you could share with your grandchild? You can. Sharing links to news articles, videos and music is a great way to introduce your grandchild to things they might never have seen or heard. With the rise of different forms of social networking, websites have begun providing multiple ways for users to share content. When you see something on the web that you want to send to your grandchild, look for a "share" button. Sometimes a share option will only allow you to use email, but other times you'll find options to share on Facebook, Myspace, Instant Messaging and many other ways. If no share button is available, simply double-click the web address (it will almost always start with http://www...) or hold the mouse button down while going over it with a cursor until you've highlighted the entire link. Right click the highlighted link and select "Copy." Next, go directly to the place where you want to share the link, right click and select "Paste" from the menu. Once your link has been transferred, send it off to your grandchild.

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