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Technology for Grandparents

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Google Alerts

If your grandchild has a special need or if you just want to stay in-the-know of what's new in grandparenting, Google Alerts has you covered. Create an account at Google and sign up for Alerts, where you'll be asked to choose some key words from news and blogs that you want sent to your email inbox. For example, if your grandchild has autism, you can set up a Google Alert for the word "autism" and each time a new study is published or someone posts helpful advice about interacting with autistic children, Google will send the alert with a link to the article to your inbox.

Photo Software

You probably already know how to upload pictures to your computer and how to receive them through email, but you might also want to resize them, rotate them 90 degrees, and maybe even fix the lighting. There are numerous photo applications that you can find online and download to your computer for free. Google's Picasa is a great one. It allows you to change the size of photos in one step, so they are ready to be sent in email or uploaded to a social networking site. You can crop pictures, get rid of red-eye, and so much more. Plus, once you've downloaded the software, all the photos on your computer will automatically be visible through the application.

Family Tree Software

You may already have your family tree completely mapped out or just be missing a few blanks. Even if you have never tried to plot your family tree, there are now websites that make it a breeze. There's no greater gift that you can offer your grandchildren than the gift of their history. For a fee, you can use a website such as to plot out your family tree using a comprehensive public records search to connect the dots. is a free site that allows you to plot your family and invite family members to connect as well. You can even invite other family members to help you fill in the blanks. It's a wonderful experience to find your roots and be able to share it with the family's new additions.

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