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Helpful Books

1. Parenting Guide to Your Baby's First Year
By Anne Krueger, Parenting Magazine Editors/Ballantine Books/1999
From the editors of Parenting Magazine comes Parenting Guide to Your Baby's First Year, a comprehensive guide packed with helpful facts from the experts, as well as tips and true stories from parents.
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2. Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child: The Emotional Journey
By Deborah L. Davis, Mara Tesler Stein/Fulcrum Publishing /2004
This book focuses on the unique challenges involved in parenting a premature baby. Includes suggestions for support, coping, and finding your way.
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3. Parenting With Purpose
By Lynda Madison, Ph.D.
Many parents start thinking about how they wish to raise their children long before they actually have any. These decisions require some research and discussion with your partner so you can agree on how you want to present the world to your baby. This book speaks to "gender bias," or the stereotypes that are widely accepted in our society. It's good to discuss your feeling's now and make them known before you have an abundance of "little girl" or "little boy" toys from relatives.
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4. Parenting With Love And Logic
By Foster W. Cline, Jim Fay
In the context of a healthy, loving relationship, "Love and Logic" parents teach their children responsibility and the logic of life by solving their own problems, providing skills for coping in the real world.
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5. Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason
By Alfie Kohn
Kohn, the father of young children, sprinkles his text with anecdotes that shore up his well-researched hypothesis that children do best with unconditional love, respect and the opportunity to make their own choices.
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6. Playful Parenting
By Lawrence J. Cohen
In Playful Parenting, Lawrence Cohen demonstrates that parents need to lighten up and spend a few hours giggling with their kids. Play is inherently educational for children, he claims, and parents can learn plenty by examining the games kids play--from peekaboo to practical jokes.
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Family Nutrition and Health

1. The Family Nutrition Book : Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Children, from Birth Though Adolescence
By William Sears, Martha Sears
Organic or regular baby food? White or wheat bread? Yogurt or ice cream? Parents often wonder how best to feed their families, but the wondering is over with The Family Nutrition Book: Everything You Need to Know About Feeding Your Children--From Birth Through Adolescence.
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2. Feeding the Kids: The Flexible, No-Battles, Healthy Eating System for the Whole Family
By Pamela Gould and Eleanor Taylor
Feeding the Kids offers parents a new, easy-to-use system for feeding their children well every day, while eliminating mixed-messages, guilt and parent-child negotiations about food.
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3. Mayo Clinic Family Health Book
By the Mayo Clinic
This excellent home health book presents authoritative, current medical information for each family member from newborn to elderly.
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4. The Everything Parent's Guide to Childhood Illnesses: Expert Advice That Dispels Myths and Helps Parents Recognize Symptoms and Understand Treatments
By Leslie Young, Vincent, M.D. Iannelli
Written by a recognized M.D. with his own pediatric office, The Everything Parent's Guide to Childhood Illnesses debunks the myths and offers you a trusted reference for recognizing and troubleshooting common childhood illnesses. With this book, you will feel confident that you can handle common ailments and gauge the seriousness of your child's condition.
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Family Activities

1. 365 Activities for Fitness, Food, and Fun for the Whole Family
By Julia Sweet
365 Activities for Fitness, Food, and Fun for the Whole Family features activities that will hoist young spuds off the couch and get them participating in games, exercises, and healthy recipes they will love. Best of all, the activities are designed to be fun for the whole family, strengthening family bonds as well as improving everyone's health.
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2. The Book of New Family Traditions: How to Create Great Rituals for Holidays & Everydays
By Meg Cox
Life isn't like it used to be, and we need to invent new traditions for today's families. Meg Cox guides you through the simple steps that help families fully cherish all of those special moments and milestones, help heal the wounds of trauma and loss, and strengthen that indomitable spirit of identity within a family.
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3. Putting Family First: Successful Strategies for Reclaiming Family Life in a Hurry-Up World
By William J. Doherty, Barbara Carlson
Doherty and Carlson offer realistic ways to regain valuable family connections and embark on more balanced, meaningful relationships at home.
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Blended Families

1. Family Rules: Helping Stepfamilies and Single Parents Build Happy Homes
By Jeannette Lofas
Gives you the tools you need to create a well-run family and the skills to develop character.
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2. Keys to Successful Stepfathering
By Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D.
Becoming a stepfather means new relationships, new struggles, and new joys. Here's a commonsense, practical guide tht helps stepfathers ease into their new role.
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Parenting Special Needs Children

1. An Unexpected Joy: The Gift of Parenting a Challenging Child
By Mary Sharp
Parenting a child with a disability can be isolating and devastating. In An Unexpected Joy, author Mary Sharp, a family doctor and the mother of three, candidly shares her defeats and her victories in handling her son's battle with autism.
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2. Attention-Deficit Disorder: Natural Alternatives to Drug Therapy
By Nancy L. Morse
This book provides a concise overview of natural options for such learning disorders as attention-deficit disorder (ADD), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), hyperactivity, dyslexia, and dyspraxia.
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3. Parenting Your Complex Child: Become a Powerful Advocate for the Autistic, Down Syndrome, PDD, Bipolar, or Other Special-Needs Child
By Peggy Lou Morgan
Besides the usual parenting challenges, parents of disabled children face added obstacles that can tax the resolve and resources of even the strongest families. The author has developed a powerful system for obtaining dramatically better care for children with one or more serious disabilities.
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