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beta hCG test (BhCG) - a blood test used to determine pregnancy; gives a positive reading if human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is present in the blood

birth control pill - a form of contraception in pill form taken once daily to prevent ovulation; contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone

birth defect - any abnormality, biochemical, functional or structural, that is present at birth; may manifest itself in infancy or become apparent later in life; may be caused by genetic or other factors

blastocyst - an embryo that has developed for approximately five days after fertilization with two cell types and a central cavity; surface cells will become the placenta, inner cells will become the fetus

blastocyst transfer - a type of ART that allows embryos to reach blastocyst stage before they are transferred into the uterus

blighted ovum - a fertilized egg that implants in the uterus, but does not develop further and dies

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cancelled cycle - discontinuation of an ART cycle, usually prompted by poor response to hormone therapy, no egg recovery or failed fertilization

cervix - the lower section of the uterus which protrudes into the vagina; dilates during labor to allow the passage of the fetus and keeps infections from invading the uterus

cervical OS - the tip of the cervix and opening to the uterus

cervical mucus - secretions produced by the cervix; the amount and texture change during ovulation to allow sperm penetration

cervical stenosis - a narrowing or a constriction of the cervical canal; impedes the sperm from swimming through to the uterus

chemical pregnancy - an apparent, but not real, pregnancy; hCG level rises to yield a positive test result, but does not lead to a clinical pregnancy

chlamydia - the most common sexually transmitted disease; caused by the bacterium chlamydia trachomatis; can infect both men and women and cause infertility in both sexes; may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease in women and epididymitis infection in men; treatable with antibiotics

chocolate cyst - an ovarian cyst filled with blood; occurs when endometriosis invades an ovary and causes it to swell

coitus - sexual intercourse

clinical pregnancy - a pregnancy verified by both a blood test and ultrasound evidence of a gestational sac in the first trimester

Clomid - the brand name of the fertility drug Clomiphene Citrate; used to stimulate production of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone

conception - the fertilization of an egg by sperm that leads to the creation of an embryo; also used to describe the start of pregnancy, marked by the implantation of the embryo into the uterine lining

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