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Baby Shower Planner

Hosting a baby shower can be very fun and rewarding, especially when the guest of honor is a close family member or friend! Organizing and planning a shower can take a lot of work, so it is best to begin planning at least two months in advance. In the event that you are hosting a large party - you may want to consider enlisting a couple co-hosts to help relieve the load. For fun baby shower ideas and tips on proper etiquette read our baby shower articles to guide you through this event planning process.

Baby Shower Planner & Etiquette

When planning a baby shower there are many details a host should take into consideration, including the mom-to-be's due date, baby shower etiquette and what type of baby shower the expecting mom might prefer. Learn more about the party planning process!

Coed Baby Showers

Coed baby showers are breaking down barriers set forth by previous generations, giving the host or hostess a new set of tasks: catering to the needs of both women and men. Instead of women celebrating motherhood, coed baby showers offer other couples an opportunity to show the new parents are supported by friends and family.

Baby Shower Themes and Favors

Having a baby shower theme will help give any party cohesion and personality. The baby shower theme may also determine an appropriate place to host the shower while the cake and food should also reflect the theme.

Baby Shower Games & Activities

All work and no play make guests a dull bunch, so be sure to plan a few baby shower games and activities for your guests to enjoy. When preparing for the baby shower, be sure to plan games according to the type of baby shower you are having - coed, family, or themed.


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