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Unique Baby Names

Unique baby names come in all different sizes and from various walks of life. Some soon-to-be parents find it quite difficult to narrow down a search between several likeable baby names. Here we have a few techniques you can use to create a unique baby name of your own! If these suggestions still have you unsatified you can also use our popular Baby Name Finder.

If you do not want to use a popular or traditional baby name, there are many ways to come up with your own unique baby name. Some techniques you can use to come up with a unique or unusual name is to use an ethnic or foreign variation of a popular name (Emilia, an Italian form of Emily), using a place as a name (although there are some popular ones like Dallas or Dakota), using an occupation as a name (Sailor), using a last name or surname as a first name (Kennedy), or using names from nature (Summer, River, Forest, etc).

You can also create your own baby name by adding a diminutive ending to a popular name (-ina, -ette, -ita), adding a prefix before a name (Da-, La-, Ta-, etc), spelling a common name differently, or combining or blending other names.

The danger of using a unique name, especially if it is very unusual, is that while it may make your child stand out from the crowd, he may stand out too much and can lead to teasing.

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