When you are thankful you focus your energy on the present moment - where it is the greatest. You fuel your life with trust and love instead of fear and doubt.
~ Jon Gordon

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Tune In With the Cosmic Sound

Listen to the cosmic sound, a great hum of countless atoms, in the sensitive right side of your head. Feel the sound spreading through the brain. Hear its continuous pounding roar.

Now hear and feel it surging into the spine, bursting open the doors of the heart. Feel it resounding through every tissue, every feeling, every cord of your nerves. Every blood cell, every thought is dancing on the sea of roaring vibration.

Observe the spreading volume of the cosmic sound. It sweeps through the body and mind into the earth and the surrounding atmosphere. You are moving with it, into the airless ether, and into millions of universes of matter.

Meditate on the marching spread of the cosmic sound. It has passed through the physical universes to the subtle shining veins of rays that hold all matter in manifestation.

The cosmic sound is commingling with millions of multicolored rays. The cosmic sound has entered the realm of cosmic rays. Listen to, behold, and feel the embrace of the cosmic sound and the eternal light. The cosmic sound now pierces through the heart-fires of cosmic energy and they both melt within the ocean of cosmic consciousness and cosmic joy. The body melts into the soundless voice. The sound melts into the all-shining light. And the light enters the bosom of infinite joy.

Meditation was written by Parahamsa Yogananda


Begin a Meditation

As you begin a meditation, give reverence to a higher power with a prayer or a thank you. This will open the door to meditation. Whatever you believe, humble yourself and acknowledge the powers that be. You can say a prayer or a thank you inwardly or out loud.

Singing is also a good way to move into your meditation. You can even sing "thank you" for something in your life, or life itself. Rabindranath Tagore, the Indian poet once said, "God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I sing." Sing a song before meditation that elevates your mind. It doesn't matter what your voice sounds like, just sing from your heart. The vibrations of sound will help you connect to the spirit and open your heart. Even humming or spoken word will resonate through your body and open the channels for meditation.


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