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A hundred crickets
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Sitali (Tongue hissing)

This exercise gets its name from the sound produced as it's performed. To practice sitali, fold your tongue into a tube-like shape and inhale. As the air passes over your tongue, it is moistened and cooled which refreshes the throat. To ensure that your tongue remains moist, roll it back against your palate as much as possible (this is a tongue lock). At the end of each inhalation, your lips should be sealed. You can exhale through your throat or your nose, whichever you prefer, but be sure to keep your tongue locked during the exhale so that the next breath is refreshing. Change the shape of your tongue for faster or slower inhalation and to change the hissing sound.

Vocal toning

Vocalizing during an exhale can be a powerful tool during labor. Vocal toning is a meditative practice of creating sound during a controlled breath and can help you focus on your breathing, thereby helping you to relax your jaw, throat and entire body.

These qualities make it a perfect practice during labor and can help you stay calm and focused throughout the birthing process. Many women say that vocal toning is one of the most useful tools during labor. Sitali, Sitkari, and the Lions Roar are all examples of vocal toning.


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