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Soothing Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks are scars created when the skin is stretched too far or expands too quickly, and many women develop at least a few during pregnancy. After you deliver your baby, your abdomen will contract and return to its normal size, but your stretch marks may still be visible. Most creams and oils marketed to prevent or eliminate stretch marks contain many of the same active ingredients but merely add different preservatives and scents to distinguish them from one another. However, you can achieve safer and more effective results when you use the pure, natural ingredients found in many of these creams, such as grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, rose hip oil, elicina cream, Neem balm, and sandalwood and olive oils.

The grapefruit has been used to treat various skin conditions by naturopathic physicians, clinics and the general public for over 25 years. Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is occasionally sold under the names "Standardized Extract of Grapefruit," "Grapefruit Extract," and "Citrus Seed Extract." Just don't confuse GSE with grape seed extract, which is derived from red grapes and is a powerful antioxidant.

GSE is nontoxic and effective at very low concentrations. It can be used to treat acne, athlete's foot, fungal infections, skin infections, warts, poison ivy/oak, rashes, shaving itch, dandruff, lice, chickenpox, and much more. Physicians have observed that the herpes simplex virus becomes inactive just ten minutes after application of grapefruit seed extract. It is non-allergenic and even those people who are allergic to citrus have had no adverse reactions.

One of the primary reasons GSE is so safe and effective in treating skin conditions is due to its high vitamin E content, one of the most important vitamins for repairing skin. Vitamin E has potent free-radical-fighting properties, especially when paired with vitamin C. Topical creams containing vitamin E are easy to find; however, for a more potent effect, break open a capsule or prick a soft gel tablet of pure vitamin E oil and gently rub directly into the affected area. Vitamin E is available in natural and synthetic forms, but is more effective in its natural form. (Natural forms are designated with a "d," as in d-alpha. Synthetic forms are designated with a "dl," as in dl-alpha.) Vitamin C is an important partner to vitamin E because once vitamin E eradicates the free radicals, it becomes a weak free radical itself. The vitamin C not only recycles the vitamin E that has used up its antioxidant fuel but it also restores its free-radical-fighting power and increases its ability to be absorbed. Both of these vitamins are effective when taken orally in the food we eat (such as almonds) or in supplement form.

Another natural alternative for treating stretch marks is Elicina cream, which is useful for healing scars and fighting acne and skin infections effectively, without irritation or creating bacterial resistance. A patented, natural cream, Elicina is made from the secretions of a species of snail found in Chile called the Helix Aspersa Müller. The snail uses these secretions to quickly regenerate damaged areas of his shell and body and to fight skin infections. Elicina not only supplements certain substances which may be deficient in the skin, it also boosts the skin's renewal process by stimulating the germinal cells, making it an unusually effective remedy. Applying the cream twice a day every day will gently eliminate stretch marks, scars from injuries and acne, and facial blemishes by destroying pathogens and triggering the rejuvenation of damaged cells, while softening and soothing skin. It nourishes the skin and protects against oxidative damage from free radicals, improving skin's elasticity and moisture retention.

Rose hip oil is another natural, gentle way to rejuvenate and soothe damaged skin that has been used by the cosmetic and dermatology industry since its discovery over 25 years ago. It diminishes wrinkles and repairs sun damage, without side effects. Rose hip oil is high in essential fatty-acids, which help to maintain healthy skin. A natural form of vitamin-A, rose hip oil is also an anti-inflammatory and improves blood circulation and the body's ability to produce new tissue. It reduces hyperpigmentation, hypertrophia (bulky scars) and loosens up fibrous chords, resulting in a nearly complete reduction of scars. Rose hip oil is extracted from the seeds found in the hips of a wild rose bush (Rosa Affinis Rubiginosa) that grows in the lush valleys of the Andes Mountains in southern Chile and is known by the Chileans as "Rosa Mosqueta."

Neem balm, a 100 percent pure and natural healing salve made for tough skin conditions, comes from the oil of the Neem tree. The word Neem is derived from the Sanskrit word Nimba, which means "bestower of good health," and Neem oil is known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic properties. For 5000 years it has been used by Ayurvedic (a holistic system of healing which evolved among the Brahmin sages of ancient India some 3000-5000 years ago) specialists in India to treat more than 100 epidermal conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, septic sores, burns, insect bites, athlete's foot, rashes, bruises, cuts, fungal infections, hemorrhoids, hives, inflammation, joint pain, muscle soreness, warts and skin ulcers. It soothes dry and itchy areas, tones the skin and leaves it soft, hydrated and youthful, making it an excellent treatment for cracked heels and elbows and for nourishing and strengthening nail cuticles and nail tissue. Due to its many applications, the Neem tree in India is affectionately known as the "village pharmacy."

Last but not least, sandalwood oil is a traditional remedy for a variety of skin infections. It is an astringent and antiseptic, stimulating cellular regeneration and is excellent for treating rashes and inflammation. Olive oil also contains nourishing and moisturizing properties and absorbs well into the skin. These natural remedies are much safer to use than store-bought products which may contain harsh chemicals. These natural remedies have been used for hundreds of years as nature's answers to skin concerns.


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