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Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

The Lotus Pose is said to have been routinely used by Buddha and is a popular mediation pose. It may be uncomfortable at first until your ligaments extend. It's a common misconception that meditation should be done in the Lotus Pose, so if it is too difficult, any other seated pose will work well. This is one of the basic yoga postures, so take your time becoming comfortable in it.

How to do it

Bring your right foot onto your left thigh. Bounce the right knee and, if it touches the floor with ease, bend your left knee and grab your left foot with both hands and place it on your right thigh. Your hands should rest on your knees, either open or forming a mudra.


This pose can help calm the mind and nerves, and preoccupies the legs so that you can meditate without distraction. It keeps the spine very straight, which is essential for deep meditation. Over time, it can help you develop good posture and will keep your joints flexible.

Prenatal Yoga Advisories

  • After the first trimester, avoid poses that require you to lie on your back as they can cut off blood flow to your uterus.

  • Don't stretch your muscles excessively, particularly your abdominal muscles.

  • Always maintain your balance. You can practice yoga against a wall or use a chair or block for support if necessary. If you feel uncertain you can maintain your balance in a certain pose, find a safer position or a support to hold on to.


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