The obstacle is the path.
~ Zen Proverb

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Flower Chakra Meditation

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes ... Begin breathing deeply.

Focus on your breath completely. Feel each breath crawl up through your nose, spread throughout your whole body and then out again.

Imagine that you are at the gate to a beautiful place. Walk through the gate to see a luscious, colorful flower garden. In the center is a delicate circular fountain surrounded by magnificent flowers. Begin walking around the fountain and look at all the flowers.

First you are surrounded by red roses, rich and velvety. The roses fill you with stability and a feeling of connection with the earth. Walking to the next grove of flowers, hundreds of orange poppies surround you and fill you with energy and joy.

Slowly absorb the flowers as you move around the circular fountain. Now you come upon a section of all yellow flowers; buttercups, dandelions and many more sprinkle the area. The yellow flowers make you feel strong and powerful, ready for anything.

Now walk to a forested area where evergreen trees canopy the trail and the forest floor is filled with light green sprigs and saplings. The forest glows green. It fills you with compassion, love and harmony.

As you walk out of the forested area, you come upon blue flowers in the garden. You are filled with creative energy as the morning glories and small blue flowers softly line your walk. Indigo flowers appear and their red-purple vibrancy tickles you between the eyes as you pass through their bed. Your stresses leave you and your foresight is strong.

You continue on to the violets. The darkest and deepest of purple flowers line the trail now. They feel close to home and understanding of you, yet open to the whole world and all the space between. Take in their deep richness as they vibrate through the crown of your head.

Now you can see the gate up ahead. You may linger in the garden as long as you need, visiting whichever patch of flowers that invigorate you.

Exit through the gate and open your eyes. Your chakras are all activated and you are ready for the day. During this meditation, the flowers can be whatever kind you like but the order of the colors should remain the same. Enter the garden whenever you need energy.

This meditation is based on the Chakra Garden Meditation written by Avalon De Witt.


Vayu Mudra

This mudra can help reduce shaking due to diseases such as arthritis or Parkinson's. It is best practiced following the Prana Mudra.


Bend your index finger and let it rest at the base of your thumb, and then cover it with your thumb. Keep your other fingers straight.


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