I do not cut my life up into days but my days into lives, each day, each hour, an entire life. ~ Juan Ramon Jimenez  

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Meditate on Reality

Find a comfortable space and position. Begin breathing deeply through your nose. Slowly draw out each breath, gently allowing the air to fill your body and then escape.

Close your eyes.

Listen to the sounds around you, whatever they may be. Listen to barking dogs, passing traffic, people talking. Listen to the sounds going on inside your body. Listen to your stomach's grumbling, your heart's pumping beat, the blood running into each part of your body.

With these sounds, create a mental image. Imagine each sound as a wave on the surface of a large lake or ocean. But instead of water, it is life. As you go deeper into the water, your breath becomes free and deep. This is the ocean of your life, where you exist and move.

Breathe in deeply, hold it for a moment and as you exhale, plunge deeper into the ocean of life. Pass all the noise on the surface, the history of your life, the disappointments and rewards of your life, until you reach the ground of your being. Rest here for a moment.

Balanced and centered, look around to see all that you need: peace, health, love. Here lies all the purest potential that your imagination gives form.

Gaze at each form you created and pick one to take with you. Find the one you need - vibrant health, sincere love, harmony with your surroundings, peaceful space - and take it. You can return whenever you like to get what you may need. What you are willing to receive is yours.

Breathing in, take the quality you've chosen from purity into your physical being. It is now a part of you and will manifest in your life. Looking around, realize that this connection has always been here. An illuminated cord grows from the center of you and anchors you to this place.

Breathe in. . .

Exhale and ascend back up to the surface of your physical life. Become aware of your body and surroundings and open your eyes slowly.


Attitude Tip

Having the right attitude towards everyday life will reflect within your heart. Look at all beings as friends and not rivals. Yoga's main purpose is to realize the oneness in life. Each person is no better or worse than you. Each animal, plant and insect is made up of the same matter as you.

A good way to begin a meditation is to forgive those who you may need to forgive. The action of forgiveness absolves the anger within our subconscious and conscious mind and opens our hearts to the waves of divine love.


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