Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

~ Confucius
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Matsya Kridasan (Flapping Fish Pose)

Lie on your right side with your hands behind your head and your fingers interlocked.

Bend your left leg and bring your knee up near your ribs. Keep your right leg straight.

Swivel your arms to the left until your left elbow is on your right knee. If it feels uncomfortable, allow your arm to rest on the floor.

Rest your right cheek on your right arm. Relax in this pose and feel the stretch.

Change sides.

If you wish, support your bent knee and head with a pillow for extra comfort.


This pose encourages proper digestion and bowel movements, relaxes the nerves in your legs, and redistributes excess weight around your waistline. During the second half of your pregnancy, when lying on your back can cut off circulation, this pose can be ideal for relaxing and sleeping.

How Yoga Heals

Medical doctors and Yogis both agree that toxins in the body leave the bloodstream and settle in the joints. Western doctors have looked at the spinal discs of young people and found early deterioration due to a lack of irrigation.

Yoga features the best exercises in the world for irrigating the joints. The exercises also gently massage the organs, which strengthens them. Yoga will keep you healthy and strong enough to fight off any disease or virus.


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