Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

~ Confucius

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The Dalai Lama's Meditation

Sit quietly, calmly with eyes closed, as relaxed yet aware as you can be.

Visualize yourself on the left side of your minds eye as you would appear to yourself and others in a moment of impatience. Really see this inner vision. Watch your face, observe your body language. What does your impatient self look like?

On the right side of your minds eye, see yourself when you are very patient. What do you look like when you have a lifetime of time. As tense as you appeared on the left as your impatient self, see yourself as relaxed in your patience on the right.

Now on the left side, see yourself as you appear when you're depressed. Look carefully. How does that make you feel? Can you be aware of the aura of doom and gloom you're radiating? And then, on the right side of your minds eye, see yourself as you are when you're joyous. Merge with that happiness. Know how others would see you.

Continue seeing all the seemingly negative feelings and behaviors on the inner left-hand side of your minds eye and the opposite on the right.

On the left, see yourself as jealous and on the right as how you appear when you are truly glad for someone else's success or happiness. On the left, see the bigoted you and on the right, the all-embracing. On the left the mean, on the right the sweet. See the stupid you and the brilliant. See the clumsy and the graceful. On the left, see the unsatisfied and on the right, the contented.

Go on and on, becoming familiar with the "you" on the left and the opposite "you" on the right.

Then see the total "you" who would be there on the left if none of the characteristics of the right side were present. Now see the "you" who would be the totality of yourself with the right side only if none of the behaviors and feelings of the left side "you" had ever appeared.

The Dalai Lama tells us that there is nothing else necessary because just by seeing your negative left-side self, you will become so disgusted with yourself when you witness yourself acting in any of the left side ways that you will automatically cease any of those actions and start doing and feeling the right-side actions. Eventually, you will become the right-side you exclusively.

Eventually, you will have peace, compassion, wisdom, good health, patience, and all the other glorious aspects of life.

Courtesy of The Meditation Society of America


Before Sleep

Be aware of your thoughts right before falling asleep, as these are the thoughts that will be in your consciousness upon waking. Never go to sleep thinking how exhausted you are, it causes a desperate desire to fall asleep which will drive sleep away. The mental affirmation of exhaustion will carry on to your next day no matter how long you sleep. Meditating before sleep is a good way to get rid of insomnia and increase your feeling of well-being the next day.


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