There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.
That will be the beginning.

~ Louis L'Amour

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Candlelight Meditation

Imagine you are an unlit candle. Someone comes along and lights your wick and you begin to glow with orange light. Your flame grows stronger and your whole body becomes engulfed. Feel yourself giving off this warm light.

Your fire light is like the brightness of wisdom that is driving away the darkness of ignorance. You are the bright orange light. Feel yourself expanding, your light reaching out further and further until it fills your entire house, then even further until it fills your whole neighborhood. Your neighborhood is illuminated by your orange fire light. Imagine it traveling even further out to the entire country and still further to encompass the entire world. You are as big as the whole world and your light illuminates every space to break through any darkness. Continue glowing with this orange light in all directions.


Integration in Nature

There are two dueling forces in nature: integration and disintegration. Laws of science say that the world is constantly moving towards randomness. You can see, though, that there is also the force that is always pulling things together. Within the human mind the natural course is disintegration after childhood, but through free will, you can reverse this process. Just "letting things go," or letting things take their "natural course," is the path of disintegration. To take control of your energy and keep recycling it into greater cycles is the process of integration. If you focus on good health and positive things, you will be contributing to this process. Keeping your physical body and mind in harmony enables integration.


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