Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.

~ Confucius

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Focusing Your Energy

One of the fundamental ideas in Yoga is the ability to focus all of your energy or attention in one place. The place that is recommended to focus on is called the "Christ center" or "The third eye". It is located between the eyebrows, behind the bone. According to yogic writings, the more you can focus all your energy upward to this spot, the closer you will come to enlightenment. Reportedly, many yogis have been known to look up towards the heavens more than most due to this upward pull of energy.

To bring the energy into one place:

Sit with your eyes closed and concentrate your focus on the spot between your eyebrows or third eye. Breathe deeply. Inhale to the bottom of your pelvis and exhale up to your collarbone.

Imagine your fingers as magnets and lightly brush them in a quick, upward movement over an exposed stomach, using a flick of the wrist to direct the energy upward. Imagine the energy being pulled from your lower body and flung up to your brain.

Touch your thumbs to the back of the earlobes and lower part of the ears, cupping your hands around the rest of the head without touching it and with your fingers pointing upward.

With the loose movement of the wrist that was used previously, gently draw the energy with your fingertips from your temples to the point between your eyebrows.

Continue sitting in your meditative pose and breathing deeply with the eyes closed. Imagine the breath is now a magnet that is drawing the energy up from the lower part of the body to the point between the eyebrows. Focus your entire being on that point, the seat of divine awareness within.

Finish the meditation with some light stretching.


Seeing it Through

Meditation is often depicted as the pathway to a peaceful existence. This is true to a certain extent, but most people have some issues to dig through before they can reach a peaceful mind. Meditation has the capacity to bring to the forefront of a person's mind, issues that they have avoided dealing with.

However, you can't expect to reach the top of a mountain without some exertion. One of the most important tools in spiritual practice is observing the thoughts and emotions. When a thought or emotion comes up that is a red flag in your mind, simply observe it. Don't judge yourself for past actions, just watch and wait for it to pass. Deeper seeded issues may continue floating up into your consciousness. Continue to practice patience and acceptance to deal with these occurrences and remember that you must pass through the storm to reach the other side. The easier it is for you to be confronted by these thoughts and emotions, the more quickly they will pass.


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