The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of.

~ Charles H. Perkhurst
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Dancer's Pose

This pose is a modified version of Natarajasana, the King Dancer Pose.

Stand up straight next to a chair or stable surface that is about hip height.

Place one hand on the chair and gently shift your weight to that side. You don't want to lean all your weight on the chair, but use it for extra support if you feel off balance at any time.

Bend your knee and lift the foot of the leg farthest from the chair behind you with your free hand. Keep your body in a straight line.

Push your foot away from your body and up, as your hand holds it for about 30 seconds.

Switch sides and repeat.

You will feel a stretch in your thighs and hips. Be gentle with this pose and don't overstretch the muscles around your pelvic region.


  • Increases circulation in the upper legs and pelvic region
  • Stretches the thigh, upper knee, and hip muscles
  • Develops concentration and balance
  • Releases energy from the ankles
  • Great stretch after sitting for long periods
  • Stimulates the third eye chakra
  • Increases awareness of how thoughts affect balance


Drink plenty of water when stretching your muscles. Hydration is essential to maintaining a relaxed body. If you become dehydrated after stretching, tension can return greater than before you stretched.


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