Do not look back, do not look at others, follow that flame which burns inside yourself. Dare, take risks, and there is nothing you will regret.

~ Shanti
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Utthanasan (Squat and Rise Pose)

Stand up straight with your feet about three feet apart, with toes pointing out.

Hold your hands in a prayer pose in the middle of your chest.

Keeping your spine straight, bend at the knees and lower yourself until your buttocks are only inches from the floor.

Slowly rise to a standing position.

Repeat as desired.


  • Strengthens and tones muscles in the knees, legs, middle back and buttocks.
  • Increases circulation in the legs and pelvic region.
  • Stretches buttocks and back muscles.
  • Increases balance and concentration.
  • Opens the pelvic region for easier delivery.


Music can help put a rhythm to your workout. If you are tired of the same old workout routine, find peaceful, upbeat music for your soundtrack. Use the music to decide how long to hold a pose and when to change positions. Let the rhythm guide your movements to be in perfect harmony with your spiritual energy.


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