Do not look back, do not look at others, follow that flame which burns inside yourself. Dare, take risks, and there is nothing you will regret.

~ Shanti

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Breathe deeply and close your eyes as you sit in your meditative position.

Notice the impermanence of every moment in your wake.

What do you smell at this very moment? Appreciate its changeable quality.

Inhale...then slowly exhale.

Tune into your taste buds. What do you taste right now? Experience all the different flavors that are present on your tongue right now.

Inhale...and then slowly exhale.

What do you hear around you? What sounds are within your reality right now? Appreciate how they shift and change as the day goes on.

Breathe in and then slowly breathe out.

What are your eyes seeing? What colors and movement, images and sensations are going on behind your eyelids? Watch the experience change and realize how changing these things are within your perception.

Breathe in and slowly breathe out.

What are you feeling right now? What emotions are coursing through your moment? Think of how those emotions shift and change throughout the day. Realize that no emotional state is permanent.

Breathe deeply.

What are your thoughts doing? How do they change and re-shape themselves? What topics do they shift to? Realize how these thoughts change constantly, the wording and the essential ideas.

Breathe deeply.

Each moment is a new experience that is constantly changing in subtle ways.

Focus on these naturally occurring changes until you feel ready to accept them as part of every moment.

Continue to breathe deeply until you are ready to move on to the rest of your changeable experience.



Realize the uniqueness of every day. Always leave open the possibility that everything can change in one moment. Though your routine may stay the same, notice how everything subtly changes; your emotions, the weather, the people around you. Don't fall into boredom because in one second, your entire reality could be different.


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