There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

~ Mother Teresa
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Modified Lion's Pose

Sit down and tuck your heels under your buttocks while keeping your spine straight (photo displays starting position).

Spread your knees wide apart, but keep your big toes touching.

The soles of your feet should face out from your body and your hands should rest on your knees.

Look straight ahead and stick your tongue out. Concentrate on ridding your body of toxins as you exhale.

Your body should remain slightly tense in this pose, like a lion about to pounce.

** Use a blanket or cushion for this pose if your knees are uncomfortable. Hold the pose for a maximum of 3 minutes.


  • Increases circulation to the pelvic region, throat and face.
  • Energizes the throat and stimulates creativity.
  • Helps fights off ailments of the throat.
  • Stretches inner thighs and hips.

How do You feel?

Don't trust what we or any other yoga instructor says about how you feel in a pose. Always be aware of how a pose affects you in subtle ways. Certain poses may make you feel more peaceful than others and some may give you more energy. Each individual works differently and, while yoga is for everyone, its effects may vary from person to person.


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