There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

~ Mother Teresa

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Peaceful Existence

Sit in your meditative pose and breathe deeply.

Bring your attention to your thoughts and then allow them to slowly come to a stop so that your mind resembles a completely still body of water.

As you look inward at your still lake of thoughts, say to yourself:

"I am peaceful. I radiate peace and stillness to the world around me. Gentle waves of peace radiate out from within my heart and mind."

Keep focusing on your peaceful state and how it infects everything around you. When a thought arises, do not give it another moment of attention, just return to the knowledge that "I am peaceful." Sit with this peace radiating from you until you are relaxed and at peace.

As you continue your day, bring these thoughts back into your mind. When faced with conflict, say to yourself "I am peaceful. I am radiating peace all around me."



In Hatha yoga, "purak" means inhalation and "rechak" means exhalation. Purak is associated with the surge of energy up the spine, is an affirmation of life and instills strength and joy. Rechak is associated with the downward movement of energy in the spine. It is the elimination of disease, sorrow and negative thoughts. You will notice that when you are happy your inhalation is deeper. If you feel unhappy, try breathing in joy and breathing out your unhappy feelings. You will notice a surge of energy and joy.


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