I am the pool of blue that worships the vivid sky

~ Sara Teasdale
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Face Yoga

Keeping your head centered and unmoving, focus your eyes on a point directly above you and then directly below you.

Now look side to side, without moving your head.

Circle your eyes in a counter clockwise direction and then clockwise.

Tighten all your face muscles, closing your eyes and pursing your lips. Hold for one moment.

Now open your eyes as wide as possible and open your mouth wide to stick out your tongue. Hold for one moment.


  • Tones the face muscles
  • Relaxes the features
  • Promotes clear thinking
  • Stimulates the various meridians located in the face

Relaxed Muscles

When your muscles are relaxed, your body becomes more graceful and will react quicker to unanticipated challenges. Relaxed muscles also help avoid serious injury, whereas tense muscles will intensify an injury.


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