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OB Appointment Weeks 17 - 20

Your next appointment will be very much like those in the preceding weeks. Your doctor or midwife will weigh you, test your urine and blood, and listen to your baby's heartbeat. He or she will also measure your fundal height. From 20 weeks until late in your third trimester, the height of your fundus (in centimeters) will roughly correspond to the week of your pregnancy. For instance, you should measure approximately 20 centimeters around your 20th week.

If you haven't had an ultrasound yet, you may have one at this appointment to check for physical abnormalities, confirm the location of the placenta, and measure your baby to confirm your estimated due date. You may have begun to feel your baby move and kick and your doctor or midwife will ask you to describe how often your baby moves and what it feels like, so make sure to note when you feel these movements (date and time of day), how they felt, and their intensity. This is good habit to get into early in your pregnancy as your baby's movements are an important tool your doctor or midwife uses to determine your baby's well-being throughout your pregnancy.

Your doctor or midwife will probably discuss childbirth classes with you sometime during your second trimester. These optional, but helpful, courses will instruct you on the stages of labor and relaxation and pain management techniques. Ask your practitioner to recommend a good class.

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