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Delivery Options


As you are preparing for the birth of your baby, you may be overwhelmed by the array of delivery options. Whatever form of delivery you would like - whether it's a medication-free home birth or a scheduled c-section - the goal is the same: a healthy baby. The following articles will help educate you about the array of delivery options and help you choose the one that's right for you.

Fetal Monitor
An electronic fetal monitor measures the response of the baby's heartbeat to the contractions of the uterus. Read the article

Forcep and Vacuum-Assisted Deliveries
Your doctor may choose to use either a vacuum or forceps to gently pull the baby through the birth canal. Read the article

Home Birth Alternative
Home births are on the rise as more parents wish to deliver their babies without drugs, in a familiar setting where they can be more in charge of the action. Read the article

When it comes to labor and delivery all hospitals are not created equal. Read the article

Inducing Labor
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 20 percent of labors are started artificially, and that percentage is increasing every year. Read the article

From the German words for "with wife," the midwife has served an important function for hundreds of years. Read the article

Newborn Screening
Newborn screening, often referred to as the “PKU test,” is a simple, inexpensive blood test performed on babies in the first 48 hours after birth to look for serious and often life-threatening disorders. Read the article

OB/Midwife Interview Checklist
When interviewing prospective obstetricians and/or midwives to find one with whom you feel comfortable, use the following checklist to keep track of their credentials and information, as well as the questions you ask and their responses. Read the article

Preparing Your Body for Labor and Delivery
Any great physical effort requires mental and physical training, whether you are running a marathon, climbing a mountain, or delivering a baby. Read the article

Stages of Labor
There are four stages of labor, and though their character varies just as much as individual women do, there are some things you can anticipate. Read the article

The Best Birth
The Best Birth is the latest delivery from Sarah McMoyler, R.N., B.S.N., who has already helped thousands of expectant couples prepare for their big day. Read the article

Types of Birth
Expectant moms have a lot more options. In-hospital birthing centers combine the look and feel of an upscale hotel suite and the latest in hospital technology, in case it's needed. Read the article

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
Experts estimate that 60 to 85 percent of women who had cesareans the first time around are able to have a normal labor and deliver vaginally their second, third or subsequent baby without incidence. Read the article

Water Birth
For some of the same reasons you might soak in a warm bath after a hard day, you might be interested in laboring in a warm bath. Read the article

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