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The Best Birth

The Best Birth is the latest delivery from Sarah McMoyler, R.N., B.S.N., who has already helped thousands of expectant couples prepare for their big day. McMoyler gets couples ready to bring their babies into the world armed with information, effective coping techniques and confidence. With The Best Birth, you can experience McMoyler's engaging and comprehensive childbirth preparation class in the comfort and convenience of your living room. Available in both a DVD and Webcast format, the video is supplemented with electronic workbook pages and frequently asked questions, as well as Sarah's personal picks for great baby products and services. The Best Birth is also a book by Sarah McMoyler (co-authored by Armin Brott) that serves as a great companion piece to the DVD. The Best Birth offers the ultimate childbirth preparation for today's busy moms and dads-to-be.

At the core of The Best Birth is McMoyler Method, the brainchild of veteran labor and delivery nurse Sarah McMoyler, who witnessed so many laboring women enter the hospital terrified and unprepared, accompanied by partners who were clueless how to help them and unable to communicate effectively with health care providers. Inspired to help these couples bring their babies into the world safely and with a sense of confidence, she created a truly innovative approach to childbirth preparation.

According to McMoyler, the goal of every birth is a healthy mom and healthy baby, however you get there. Asking for pain medication when you intended to have a natural birth is not a failure and having an unplanned c-section is not cause for regret if the end result is a healthy baby in your arms. They are simply means to an end; viable options you can use to reach your goal. After all, McMoyler states, "[childbirth] is not a competition."

The cornerstone of McMoyler Method is reality: a clear understanding of the realities of labor and the childbirth process, a solid command of common obstetric terminology, realistic expectations of what you and your body are capable of, and most importantly, "reality-based goals" for your labor and delivery instead of firm "plans." Creating a set-in-stone birth plan is to set yourself up for frustration, disappointment and regret because "no one but the stork knows how your labor and delivery will proceed," as McMoyler says. Instead, McMoyler Method gives you the information and skills you need to cope with contractions, remain flexible during labor, communicate and work with your health care team and make decisions along the way in order to achieve that healthy mom-healthy baby goal.

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