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What to Say and What Not to Say to a Mom-to-Be

On the Issue of Child Rearing

What to say:

  • I would love to give you advice on anything you need. Just let me know.

  • I've got some great books on parenting. Would you like to borrow them?

  • Let's take a parenting class together. That way, we can be prepared.

  • Parenthood is challenging, but I know you'll be great at it!

  • Follow your heart. You know what's best for your child.

What NOT to say:

  • Well, here is what I (my mother, Aunt Mabel, Dr. So-and-so, etc.,) think/thinks is best for your baby.

  • This is the only book worth reading on parenting!

  • Just you wait when this baby is born; you'll see how difficult parenting is!

  • Always/Never pamper your children, give them time-outs, etc. (In fact, eradicate the words "always" and "never" from your vocabulary when discussing parenting!)

  • Well, if I were you....

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