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Chelsea at Crunch Gym

Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness  with Chelsea

Chelsea at Crunch gymChelsea earned her B.S. in Health Sciences from James Madison University in 1999 and is certified as a health and fitness instructor from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She has worked in the fitness industry for 14 years and as a personal trainer for seven, and currently works for Crunch gym in San Francisco, California.

"I started my career in fitness as an aerobic instructor at the age of was a free gym membership," says Chelsea. "My passion for working with people while keeping myself and our members healthy grew as I honed my skills. As I started college, I debated between studying health or business; personal training is the perfect mix!"

"During my pregnancy I maintained my fitness level and made modifications when necessary. I enjoyed boxing and running up until the fifth month when the additional weight became uncomfortable, but I continued other activities, such as hiking, walking, resistance training, step classes and yoga, up to the day before I delivered. Madeira Re was born on 7.7.06 and weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and I was back to taking walks four days after her birth, slowly at first and then gradually increasing my speed and distance. To celebrate feeling great I ran a 12k (7.8 miles) race the day she turned three months old!"

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