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Chelsea at Crunch Gym

Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea

Biking With Baby

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If You Were Inactive Before Pregnancy...

Hop on a stationary bicycle and give it a try! Remember to begin by adjusting the seat correctly. Start your ride by warming up your body for 10 minutes by setting the level to one and gradually increasing your speed to 65-85 rpms.
If you feel good, continue pedaling and gradually increase your level every 5 minutes. If you become short of breath, go back to the previous level. Each level will give you the sensation of climbing a larger hill and will demand more from your heart and legs. Depending on your energy level, try to ride anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Music is an amazing motivator. Try blasting your favorite tunes and maintain your stroke speed to the rhythm. Keep your water handy and drink frequently. Push that pedal!

Sample Workout:

  • Level 1 at 65 rpms for 5 minutes
  • Level 1 at 75 rpms for 5 minutes
  • Level 2 at 65 rpms for 5 minutes
  • Level 3 at 65 rpms for 5 minutes
  • Level 1 at 80 rpms for 5 minutes

If You Were Active for At Least Three Months Prior to Becoming Pregnant...

What type of cycling do you practice? Do you frequently participate in a spinning/cycling class? Checkout the article devoted to spinning. Do you prefer to ride on a stationary bike or enjoy the local bike path at the park? Keep your cycling workouts fun and challenging for as long as the exercise feels comfortable. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Keep your workout exciting with intervals. Begin with a five minute warm-up at level 2, keeping your rpms between 65 and 85. Every 3 minutes switch the level from a hill to a flat (a challenging suggestion is level 5 for 3 minutes, followed by level 2 for 3 minutes). Keep up the intervals for as long as you can and complete your ride by returning to level 2 for a cool down. Try to cycle for 30-45 minutes to energize your body, but always listen to your body.

  2. Locate a bike path that follows rolling terrain. Use the great outdoors to continue to push your pedals at a speed that's challenging yet comfortable.

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