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Chelsea at Crunch Gym

Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea


Walking for Fitness

Anywhere, anytime - grab your shoes and head into the great outdoors. Is it raining, freezing or too hot and humid? Head to the gym for a date with the treadmill. Walking is one of the few activities that will be enjoyable throughout your entire pregnancy. Be sure to consider your environment and potential dangers. To keep yourself safe walking inside or out, consider the temperature, precipitation, amount of daylight and level of traffic on your path. Enjoy walking outside? Leave your earphones at home and take your cell phone or a friend. No matter where you are walking, be sure to keep a bottle of water with you and rehydrate frequently.

Baseline Rules

  • Speak to your doctor about your desire to stay active during your pregnancy and listen to his/her advice and recommendations.

  • Wear appropriate shoes and clothing (layers work great to avoid overheating).

  • Monitor your breathing rate and adjust your intensity accordingly.

  • Stop exercising immediately if you feel dizzy, faint or experience heart palpitations.

  • Stretch! Areas to focus on include your quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles.

If You Were Inactive Before Pregnancy...

Carpe diem. This is the perfect time to improve your cardiovascular health by beginning a walking program. Walking during your pregnancy will help you in multiple ways: it increases your circulation to help reduce edema (swelling), decreases stress, helps maintain an appropriate weight, and decreases your risk for gestational diabetes and the chance of suffering lower back pain. Don't you think it's time to get moving?

Begin your program with a 20-25 minute steady walk on a flat course. After accomplishing your 25 minutes of aerobic exercise consistently three or more times a week for two weeks, increase the intensity by heading to the hills in your neighborhood or stepping up the incline on the treadmill. You can also increase the intensity of your workout by lengthening your walking time. Gradually work yourself up to a 45 minute walk on rolling terrain most days of the week. No hills in your 'hood? Here are several additional ways to add intensity to your workout:

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