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Where Does Dad Fit In?

You and your partner have celebrated the upcoming event, you've taken part in sharing the exciting news, and received congratulations from family and friends, now what?

For dads-to-be around the world, pregnancy can challenge their very being. As the attention is shifted from you and your partner as a couple, to mom and baby, you may start to feel that you're on the outside looking in.

All of a sudden everything seems to be changing at a rapid pace. Your relationship with your parents, your goals for the future, even your daily routine is not what you remember.

As you watch as your partner struggles with morning sickness, fatigue, body aches, mood swings, and body image issues, you feel a sense of helplessness, not being able to help ease these symptoms.

As yet another person asks how your partner is feeling, you want to scream "What about me"?

Trying to juggle the finances to meet the ever-growing list of needed baby items, the possibility of needing a new car, a new house, the stress continues to grow.

Tips for keeping your relationship close:

Talk with your partner about your hopes and dreams, fears and anxieties, of having a child together. She is more than likely feeling the same fears.

Plan to regularly spend time together as a couple. Going for moonlight walks, quiet dinners, or just spending time listening to your favorite music together.

Talk about how your lives are changing and will change. Discuss ways that you both can slow down and enjoy this pregnancy together.

Start to take on more of the household chores. Offering to cook dinner or do the dishes will go a long way in the eyes of your exhausted partner.

Re-assure your partner that she will make a great mother.

Re-assure your partner of your love, and your desire to be with her. Regularly tell your partner that you love her. Although she already knows this, hearing it from you on makes a dreary day so much brighter.

Allow your partner to express both the positive and negatives of being pregnant without having to fix it. Sometimes all she needs is your ear and your support.

Work with your partner to get the nest ready for the new arrival. Help with rearranging furniture, doing laundry, preparing extra meals for those first few days when baby is home.

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