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Nice Things To Do for the Mom-to-Be

Your partner is working hard! She's growing a new life within her and paying the price in weight gain, swollen extremities, upset stomach, and fatigue.

  • Give her a foot massage and rub her back
  • Cook her favorite meal
  • Take her out to her favorite place to eat
  • Help her finish (or do it yourself and surprise her) decorating the nursery, especially if it needs to be painted or wallpapered
  • Throw her a baby shower
  • Take her to a movie or rent her favorites and bring them home
  • Take the kids out for a couple of hours so she can just relax
  • Help her out around the house so she doesn't have much to do
  • Do some last minute errands she might have
  • Take her away for the weekend or on vacation before the baby arrives (you might not be able to do this again for awhile)
  • Volunteer to help shop and prepare meals the first week the baby is home


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