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Maternity Underwear

Good quality maternity panties can be an expectant mother's best friends. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to wear regular panties and fighting them the entire time you have them on.

Maternity underwear is designed to be practical and pretty with plenty of room to grow. They're available in all the same styles as regular panties; french-cut briefs, regular briefs affectionately know as "granny panties," and even bikini-style briefs. The main consideration after style is the material from which they're made. Look for soft, stretchy luxurious material such as 100% cotton or pima cotton (it's even softer) with some Lycra for stretch. Make sure they have a wide elastic waistband. There is nothing worse than a pair of underwear with a mind of its own, the elastic waist just seems to head south all by itself! Pay attention to details, they do make the difference, and don't scrimp when it comes to price and quality. For quality all cotton maternity panties, you will pay from $3-$5 per pair, at least.

Once a mother has delivered, a great choice is a disposable panty. You are probably thinking there's no way a disposable panty can be worth the money you pay for them, but look again. For the first few days after giving birth, new mothers need to feel as comfortable as possible. These disposable panties are cotton-knit one-size-fits-all and feel especially soft to the skin. They're lightweight, breathable and designed with a stretchy fit to slip on easily and hold absorbent pads in place. Best of all they're disposable, so a new mother can focus on their baby instead of the laundry. They're priced at around $7.95 for a package of three panties.

After the baby is born, another useful product that until recently was only available during your hospital stay is the peri-cold pad. These are wonderful. Even if you haven't had an episiotomy, you are bound to experience some pain while your body recovers from childbirth. These soft, absorbent cold pads are gentler and more giving, so they feel better against the tender perineal region than standard ice packs and make the first weeks after delivery much less painful. Tucked deep inside each soft cotton pad are tiny capsules of ammonium nitrate and water. When you squeeze the pad, just prior to use, the chemical creates a soothing cold that will last for up to 40 minutes. These pads are available through the Medela Company and they are referred to as the Medela Instant Therapy Kit. The kit includes a soft stretch knit panty made of polyester and Lycra that holds the pad in place. The panty is a mesh fabric to allow as much air as possible to circulate. Both the panty and the pads are disposable. The kit contains two pads and the knit panty for $11.95. They are well worth the money to help speed your recovery and make you more comfortable so you can get down to the business of taking care of your baby.

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