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Developing a Support Network

Having a good support network will not only help to minimize stress, it will also give you an invaluable source of information, emotional support, and even help around the house. This support network can be your partner, extended family, friends, and even the neighborhood teen.

There is something about a pregnant woman that brings out the "need to help" instinct in everyone. However, not wanting to seem pushy, many people will wait quietly for you to ask for help. Our basic instinct to do it ourselves makes it hard to say I need your help. Now is not the time to keep quiet!

How a support network can help you:

  • Go to doctor appointments with you

  • Someone to bounce your thoughts and feelings off

  • Help you decide what baby items you need, and go shopping with you

  • Help you set up the nursery, such as painting and putting furniture together

  • Help with the extra cleaning

  • Help prepare food for the freezer for when the baby comes

  • Help you catch up on laundry, especially those new baby items

  • Watch the siblings of the baby so you can get the much-needed nap

  • Someone who is willing to go see a movie with you on those 'I'm bored' days

  • Picking up those forgotten items at the grocery store

  • Phone the list when the baby arrives

  • Be on standby those first few days baby is home

  • Remind you that you are not alone!

Your support network will understand when you say, "I love you, but I just don't want to visit right now."

We have put together some helpful to-do lists, feel free to print these out and pass them on to your support network.


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