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3D Ultrasound Images

The following 3D Ultrasound Images were brought to our attention by The Cyber 3D-Ultrasound Society. This society is a non-profit organization that supports the mutual communication of ultrasound specialists all over the world. would like to thank the society and the doctors who produced these images for allowing us to bring you this unique window into the development of an unborn child.

3D Ultrasound Images: Third Trimester

What is a Prenatal Ultrasound?

A prenatal ultrasound is a test that uses sound waves to look inside the womb to see that your baby is growing and developing without any potential issues. Ultrasounds are most commonly used to measure the baby, determine your expected due date, placenta location, how many fetuses, position of your baby, and detection of certain birth defects.

The prenatal ultrasounds can be taken by your obstetrician or a technician. They are safe and can be taken through various weeks of pregnancy. Usually parents are excited for their first ultrasound because it gives them the opportunity to have a first look at their baby. Its almost like a bonding moment, and even better you get to take a couple pictures home as a keepsake.

How Can I Get a 3D Ultrasound of My Baby?

Some doctors' offices have the 3D ultrasound equipment, and if this is the case they may provide you with the images to take home, but you probably have to request them. Otherwise, there are now private facilities which offer 3D/4D ultrasound sessions with 3D images and 4D DVDs of the baby to take home. Many families are flocking toward this trend salivating at the chance to see whose nose the baby has! Find a local facility in your area for more information.

Are 3D Ultrasounds Safe?

Many experts strongly discourage the non-medical use of ultrasounds stating that the use of the ultrasound machines for non-medical use is inappropriate and irresponsible. Studies have not shown it is dangerous to the fetus, but medical experts wonder why you would want to take that risk based upon receiving an early picture of your baby. The decision is yours to make.

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